We Magnify You (Praise & Worship) - Digital Download

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WE MAGNIFY YOU is the latest compilation of prayers, songs and worship from Dr. Noel Woodroffe and the Congress MusicFactory.

This powerful expression of worship flows from the grateful heart of a global people celebrating the majesty, sovereignty and glory of God and manifesting His values, character and nature in the earth.

The album represents a significant milestone in our corporate journey. The English-language version was done at a special recording session at Elijah Centre, the Creative Core of the Congress. The session was facilitated by Dr. Woodroffe and his wife June Woodroffe and involved saints from Elijah Centre together with select representatives from the Kingdom Community Network in Trinidad and Tobago.

Singers and musicians from around our world then joined together to produce this worship resource in over 14 languages. Now, the voices of saints from across the earth can be heard lifting a beautiful sound of praise and adoration to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Track Listing: