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  • Yo Soy Futuro

    Yo Soy Futuro

    “Soy el FuturO” es una declaración de la juventud del Congreso WBN, de su compromiso inquebrantable de avanzar hacia el futuro con audacia y brillar en medio de la creciente oscuridad, empoderados por la fuerza de la comunidad global,...

  • I Am Future (Single)

    I Am Future (Single)

    'I Am Future' is a declaration by the youth of Congress WBN, of their unwavering commitment to walk into the future with boldness and shine in the midst of increasing darkness, empowered by the strength of the global community, the urgency of God’s...

  • Suit Up by Congress MusicFactory

    Suit Up (Single)

    The song Suit Up is based on Ephesians 6:11-17 and reminds Believers of their responsibility to put on the full Armor of God, to fight and overcome the schemes of darkness.   Congress MusicFactory · Suit Up

  • Joy! Global Edition - Digital Download

    Joy! Global Edition - Digital Download

    Congress MusicFactory presents Joy! Global Edition, a special collection of the song Joy! recorded in 14 languages by teams from across our Congress world. The album captures the joyous expression of faith, confidence and oneness flowing from the...

  • The Thunder Will Never Stop - Digital Download

    The Thunder Will Never Stop - Digital Download

    The Thunder Will Never Stop is a compilation of songs from the Congress MusicFactory catalog that captures our uncompromising commitment to fulfill the will of God. Each track on the album is a reminder of our responsibility as believers; of God’s...

  • Approved (Remix) - SINGLE - Digital Download Approved (Remix) - SINGLE - Digital Download

    Approved (Remix) - SINGLE - Digital Download

    Approved (Remix) is the amazing story of God’s grace, His love, ultimate sacrifice in Christ and tireless representation toward us and for us. This is now the truth of who we are - accepted, forgiven and approved by God. Apostle Paul set the record...

  • My Joy - Digital Download

    My Joy - Digital Download

    My Joy by Congress MusicFactory captures the love, the faith, hope and joy we have in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This album expresses the gratitude of a global community for the beauty, safety and abundant life we have found in Christ. Each song...

  • My Offering - Digital Download

    My Offering - Digital Download

    MY OFFERING represents the heart and posture of God's people, accepting who He has called us to be and aligning with Him to reflect the fullness of the nature of Christ in our lives. Chosen, cleansed and approved, our eyes are fixed on Him, our cry is...

  • Write On Me - Digital Download

    Write On Me - Digital Download

    Write on Me is reflective of the deep internal process of increased positions of personal death, greater maturity and Christlikeness. An Album from Congress Music Factory

  • Hard Boundaries - Digital Download

    Hard Boundaries - Digital Download

    In a day when deep darkness envelops the world, morality and decency are under attack. But within the Kingdom of God, application of His divine standards keeps us safe, keeps us strong and keeps us full of light. The album Hard Boundaries from Congress...

  • When The Dust Settles We Win - Digital Download

    When The Dust Settles We Win - Digital Download

    Our call to formation is clear. As we mobilize and align ourselves with the heart of God we have made a commitment to walk together and to be part of the army that the Lord is mustering for war. This album is a strong declaration of those positions and...

  • My Cry - Digital Download

    My Cry - Digital Download

    Inside the busyness and routine of life, music from ‘The Cry’ will help us to continue to focus on the strength of daily communication with the Lord. Reminding us of our clear identity in Christ, purity, and the sheer beauty of knowing God, these songs...

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