Hear Our Prayer - Transformation

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Hear Our Prayer is a collection of prayers and exhortations by Dr. Noel Woodroffe capturing our corporate desire to offer God our obedience, our purity, our oneness and our love as we fulfill the will of the Lord. Each volume provides us with patterns for our individual, family and community prayer. These are our petitions. These are the cries of our hearts. May the Lord hear Our Prayer.

Hear Our Prayer -Transformation

Hear Our Prayer Series volume 7 focuses on the Transformation Imperative. These prayers and exhortations by Dr. Noel Woodroffe capture our corporate yearning to be fully and finally transformed into the character and nature of Christ.

Our desire is for the Lord to shine His light deep inside the innermost chambers of our heart. Our cry is for the power, faith and grace from the Holy Spirit. Our commitment is to make the changes God requires for us to be transformed into the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ. May the Lord Hear Our Prayer.