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GenerationLift, Volume 1 - Songs To Lift A Generation

This album, Songs to Lift a Generation, celebrates the power of correct identity in Christ. It is our pleasure to share this resource with the children of Congress WBN and with the saints of the Body Learn More

GenerationLift Kids Camp: I Am Wise (feat. GLKC Kids)

"I Am Wise" is a single for the children of the Congress from the latest GenerationLift Kids Camp. Learn More

We Magnify You: GenerationLift Edition

Congress MusicFactory has released WE MAGNIFY YOU GenerationLift Edition, a powerful album of children voices offering praise and worship unto the Lord. Learn More

We Magnify You Discovery Workbook Series [Exclusive Bundle]

We Magnify You Discovery Workbook and Music bundle designed for parents, guardians, teachers and children to experience and explore the songs together Learn More

GenerationLift, Volume 2 - Maturity

‘Maturity’ brings our children a collection of songs which will instruct them in spiritual principles and godly characteristics. Full of vitality and energy, our children will be marching Learn More


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5 Item(s)